CCTV Maintenance Contract & CCTV Repair  In today’s competitive era, quality is a prime factor. Quality output from any machine depends on machine’s repeat performance. To get repeat performance; machine maintenance is a key factor. Maintenance of CCTV camera requires special skills. Every organization may not have specialized CCTV Surveillance System maintenance team to take care of all variety of cameras. CCTV camera manufacturers and distributors are the best people to support in maintaining these cameras as total technology is available with them. In order to help our customers in getting the best throughput from the CCTV camera, we have introduced the concept of Quarterly Maintenance Contracts for the CCTV Surveillance System at the price of +94 777 678 976  /  +94 724 993 609

CCTV Maintenance Contract

Maintenance Services & Contracts:

We aim to help businesses and offices as a partner, through our continuous and diligent dedication to providing the highest quality of service. In order to achieve integration of what we offer to our customers, we added to our package the maintenance support services.

Whether you need a regular service agreement or occasional emergency help-desk support, we can provide you:

CCTV Maintenance Contract  (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Is it so important to maintain efficiency & smooth operations in a business? Of course yes, it’s not only important but mandatory too. Maintaining continuous flow and effective business is merely the toughest job.

Your business may belong to any sector such as Government, Private or any other SME organization and with IT Annual Maintenance Contract Services (IT AMC Services) we will help you to acquire well-maintained infrastructure along with highly qualified, competitive strong assistance meeting respective business standards.

Why Annual Maintenance Contract AMC is for any business is so important?

    • Annual Maintenance Contract helps you to avoid high repair cost and rescues from unexpected damages.
    • Services of AMC contribute to regular checkups of infrastructure, network & servers and provide spare machinery parts if needed.
    • Time intervals are based on the understanding between clients and the dealers.

Services are performed as per scheduled intervals.

  • AMC service providers use only genuine spare parts or machinery while replacing the failed parts or any issues.
  • An annual maintenance contract is varied according to the business.
  • Services, repairs, and maintenance of a particular organization are well carried throughout the contract period.
  • One can save money, time and can contribute their complete focus on bringing profits to their prized organizations.
  • Under the Annual maintenance contract, any information related to business or organization is highly authenticated and protected.
  • A business with AMC service is highly secured, scalable and reliable.

How could your organization be fitted with our-IT AMC support IT AMC services

  • We have a skilled team of technicians with hands-on experience in different sectors. Our offsite & onsite regular visits allocate your business to be completely organized.
  • We cater to the best outfit solutions as per the requirements of industry standards.
  • Action to call service in emergency or immediate cases.
  • Our customer support is available round the clock. We never have restrictions to offer our splendid services.
  • Based on the contract period, we will perform regular maintenance checkups and eliminate the glitches in and around the company, network, server or whatever it may be.
  • We will generate monthly reports with respect to maintenance operations.
  • Our qualified professionals always keep monitoring your workstations, IT Audits, Security checks and every minute part of your organization.
  • We render on-time backups; provide security solutions for threats, spyware, and worms or for any unauthorized access to systems or networks.
  • Our affordable packages to our clientele and help them to enhance profits in their business.
  • With IT AMC support services, our customers can definitely free themselves from all other infrastructure-related issues and can have complete concentrate on their main business and ROI’s.
  • With our innovative products and services, we always deliver only the best for your needs.

On-Site Support

We offer phone and on-site support as well as support for a wide range of hardware. We aim to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service. When you call us we assign you with an experienced technician who can provide you with an ‘end-to-end’ resolution to your problem. Our technician will assess your situation, before recommending a course of action. If it is necessary to buy new parts or software than the technician will install these and ensure that you have a working system.

General Terms & Conditions:

  1. Period of Contract: The contract is valid for quarterly from the date of signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU) on AMC. This may be renewed quarterly subject to rendering of satisfactory service & fulfilling the term & conditions.
  2. Payment Term: For all AMC, payment will be made on quarterly basis.
  3. Maintenance of Parts: Maintenance of the CCTV Surveillance System includes Camera Visibility Test, DVR Recording Test, DVR Settings Verification, and Disk Error Check. Replacement of CCTV parts and some consumable items are not covered under AMC. However the servicing agency may provide such components and the price may be fixed at the time of signing of AMC.
  4. Quality of Spares: The equipment parts replaced must be new and equivalent in performance of existing parts.
  5. Additional Charges: The AMC cost includes the travelling cost for rendering service throughout the quarterly period for one or all locations & for one or all systems.
  6. Service Tax: The AMC cost excludes service tax charged by State or Central Govt. for rendering this type of service.
  7. Working Hours: The maintenance work shall normally be done during working hours of the customer. However, in case of emergency maintenance may have to be done beyond office hours and even on holidays prior arrangement through proper communication should be worked out in all cases by the servicing agencies.
  8. Final Authority: The final authority for payments will be Head of the Organization offering the AMC

Our Clients

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