Terms and Conditions of CCTV Monitoring Services

1. The extent of mix of security and other value added services offered by the Company have been explained to the Client and the Client has understood the same.

2. Agree to pay yearly recurring usage charges, for the use of the security service package

3. Any additional gadgets, software, equipment’s not covered under the security service package will have to be purchased separately

4. The entire process of activating and connecting the system for CCTV Monitoring to I Tech Masters shall be completed by the Company within a period of not more than 15 (fifteen) days, subject to site readiness and no dependencies from Client.

5. The internet / telephone line connectivity required for the functioning of the Systems at designated Client’s location shall be the responsibility of the Client and charges for the same shall be borne by the Client.

6. The Company shall in no way be responsible for any failure / disruption of the router, data card, internet connectivity, operation of telephone line or other communication device and power supply connected to the service.

7. The Company shall not be responsible for performance of the gadget, software, equipment if it is misused and / or damaged by the Client and / or stolen at the designated premises.

8. The Company shall not be liable or responsible for any theft, intrusion, burglary, break-in, etc. that takes place at the designated premises and does not guarantee that such events shall not happen.

9. The Company does not represent that the service it offers and the gadgets, software, equipment’s it provides may not be compromised or circumvented, and that the service / equipment will prevent any personal injury or property loss by intrusion, burglary, fire or otherwise; or that the service / equipment in all cases provide adequate warning or protection. The Client understands that a properly installed, operated and maintained electronic security system, surveillance and other relevant services may only reduce the risk of intrusion, burglary, fire or other events; which may occur without such systems, surveillance and such other services, but they are not insurance or a guarantee that such events will not occur or that there will be no personal injury or property loss as a result.

10. The company will not be liable for any damage or personal injury or property loss by intrusion, burglary or fire.

11. When the performance of the Security Services becomes impossible due to but without limitation to strikes, lockouts, natural disaster, civil disturbance, any acts of God, failure of telephone / communication lines, power failure, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the Company, or other force majeure events; the Company may suspend the performance of the security services until such situations cease to exist and the Company may at its absolute discretion agree to reduce the usage charges by such amount as the Company shall decide, or compensate the affected Client by extending the service period suitably.

12. Agree to authorize the company to access the premises remotely through the Digital Video Recorder and view the premises as and when the company deems it is necessary or during a security alert.

13. Agree to irrevocably authorize the Company / its representative free access at all reasonable times / with prior appointment, to periodically inspect gadgets / equipment’s or to take possession of the same under certain circumstances as mentioned in the Agreement.

14. This Agreement shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning of the respective designated premises, barring termination.

15. The Company and the Client hereby agree that each shall not divulge to third parties any confidential information about the other Party which will become known to it during the course of the performance of this Agreement.

16. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Sri Lanka. It is agreed by and between the Parties that the Courts in Tuticorin shall have the exclusive jurisdiction with regard to any matter, claim or dispute arising out of or in any way relating to this Agreement.

17. Each notice, demand or other communication given or made under this Agreement shall be in writing and delivered or sent to the relevant Party at its registered address.

18. CCTV Camera + CCTV Monitoring Services Package offers a 100% money back guarantee (minus any shipping and handling) for any theft, intrusion, burglary, break-in, etc. that takes place at CCTV coverage area of the designated premises due to failure in alert from health monitoring services.

19.  A copy of the first information report of the police complaint should be produced to claim 100% money back guarantee, which is subjected to *General Terms and Conditions of CCTV Service and it’s Monitoring Services.

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