Digital CCTV Cameras

Digital CCTV cameras directly capture images and videos as digital signals. The signals are compressed and encoded into a standard video format such as MPEG. Digital CCTV cameras usually record videos onto a hard drive or a storage server.

What are Digital CCTV cameras?

There have been some massive revolution in the security sector, so advanced methods of monitoring movement and access within an area are available. Digital CCTV is a personal computer based and multi-channeled video surveillance system that adopts advanced compression technology to bring you the highest video and picture quality. In a digital environment, many CCTV cameras can be installed to the same network and viewed through a single monitor. What’s more interesting about a digital CCTV camera is the fact that the system can be expanded by installing more cameras. There is no limitation with regard to the kind of a camera which you should install because it supports a wide range of cameras. In case you have an analog system already installed in your property, all you need to do to support a digital system is a simple upgrade.

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