Stop Burglars From Stealing Your Stuff

Some homeowners think they can save money with a DIY home alarm. But these Grade 1 systems might not seem so cheap when you’re counting the cost of a burglary! Don’t be wise after the event! Get our professionally installed system at a really great price and stop burglars from stealing your stuff.

Home Burglar Alarms

Professionally installed home alarm prices
I Tech Masters is excited to announce our home alarm packages

This alarm package is perfect for the first time alarm buyer or homeowner on a budget and comes with a pet friendly option.

It’s the ideal foundation for your home security system.

And, guess what! It is expandable
There’s no need to start again with a new system. If you need extra PIRs (sensors) or door contacts in the future, just ask us and we will be delighted to quote you to add them.

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Smart alarm systems

Smart alarm systems

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand 

Our smart alarm system allows you to control your home security from a simple mobile app!

  • Activate your home alarm from anywhere in the world with the press of a button
  • Unset the alarm to let the dog walker, babysitter or cleaner in while you’re at work
  • Never wonder if you forgot to set the alarm again!

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Integrated Burglar Alarm and CCTV System – Keep an eye on your home from wherever you are!

One of the options that our customers love most is the integrated burglar alarm and CCTV package. That way, if you do receive a notification of an alarm activation, you can check what is happening at your home on the CCTV app on your mobile phone – even if you’re half way across the globe. Combined with a monitoring package, you get complete protection and can be secure in the knowledge that, if there is a problem, your home is being looked after.

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