License Plate Camera

A License Plate Camera is very different from a security camera used for general surveillance because it has specialized image sensors and built-in software for capturing license plates on stopped or moving vehicles. The intelligent digital signal processor inside a license plate capture camera has shutter rate control that allows the camera to adapt to changes in lighting between day and night, and the expected speed of the vehicles that are being captured.

License plate cameras have several names that they go by depending on whether they fall under the realm of smart cameras with video analytics and/or number plate recognition. You may also find them being referred to as LPR cameras, or ANPR cameras. For further reading, we recommend our guide on how to setup a license plate camera to learn how to properly setup a network based license plate capture camera. It is important to understand the distance and mounting location limitations associated with proper capture of vehicle tags.

Below are hand picked models we have tested to ensure they perform to specifications stated in the product description. Be sure to watch the video samples for each camera to see it in action..

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