PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras allow surveillance of a large area with a single security camera. Our mobile apps and PC software allow you to remote control these pan-tilt-zoom cameras from anywhere in the world. With easy to use controls on the mobile app you can command where and how far the camera is looking. Our pan tilt and zoom cameras are built with reliable pan-tilt motors to quickly move and focus on different objects in the scene. Our high speed dome cameras feature rapid panning and tilt speeds, and endless 360° rotation. You can use the optical zoom to focus on distant objects like license plates or capture facial detail up to hundreds of feet away. At TVT Sri Lanka we offer a large selection of professional PTZ security cameras for use with our Security DVRs and HD NVRs, all of which allows the user to set multiple presets and patterns to monitor a large area. You can choose high definition cameras below ranging from 1080P or 2K, all the way up to 4K resolution. Our PTZ security cameras will change the way you think about monitoring a large area. Combine high definition video with video analytics for smart event detection and automatic control of the camera without the need for user interaction.

What is a PTZ Security Camera?

PTZ stands for Pan Tilt Zoom, where the camera has motorized mechanisms that allow it to rotate up to 360 degrees, tilt up to 180 degrees, and zoom ranging from 4X up to 40X using its optical zoom lens. Whether you are actively monitoring your property or using the preset, tour, or pattern features, a PTZ can greatly assist with surveillance of a large area compared to using security cameras without motorized mechanisms.

Motorized zoom lenses allow the user to enlarge and focus in on fine details such as faces or license plates in a parking lot. The wide variety of Pan Tilt Zoom models that we offer have varying amounts of optical zoom and night vision. When connected to the internet our cameras can be controlled and viewed from anywhere in the world using a computer, phone or tablet.

Some PoE PTZ cameras also support advanced video analytics that allow intelligent detection of intruders and vehicles. Auto Tracking cameras can follow persons of vehicles as they enter or traverse your property. All of these features enable a camera system to cover a large area and provide peace of mind.

Pan Tilt Zoom security cameras can also be used for projects other than security. Some other uses include:

  • Live stream cameras for church services or other places of worship
  • Time-lapse cameras for recording the construction progress of a building or home
  • Live streaming an event such as a concert, baseball game, or lecture to YouTube Live

How do PTZ cameras work?

PTZs have built-in motors that operate to pan, tilt and zoom the camera. Commonly, these cameras connect to a security camera recorder for viewing, recording, and control. PTZ IP cameras are network-based digital versions that can be used as a standalone camera for viewing, live streaming, and recording to an internal memory card.

You can control cameras using several devices:

  • Security DVR recorder
  • PTZ camera controller
  • PC or Mac Computer
  • Smartphone or Tablet using mobile apps for iOS and Android

How to choose a Pan Tilt Zoom camera?

There are four main features to consider when shopping for a PTZ for your home or business:

  1. Resolution
  2. Night Vision Distance
  3. Zoom
  4. Auto Tracking and Video Analytics

We discuss each of these PTZ camera features in greater detail below.

1. Resolution

How far you can see a face on recorded footage from any security camera or PTZ is determined by its resolution. Security camera resolution is measured in megapixels (MP). The higher the megapixels a camera is, the greater the detail will be allowing you to digitally zoom in and see finer detail in recorded video.

2. Night vision

During the day a camera can see in color, but in complete darkness, it switches to black & white mode. The camera cannot see without having night vision that’s provided by infrared LEDs. Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are available with varying degrees of night vision to see in darkness. Usually, the amount of night vision a surveillance camera has is related to the optical zoom power of the camera.

3. Zoom

The amount of zoom a camera has determines the distance you can see clearly on live video. If you’re monitoring long distances you may want to consider 25X zoom or more. For shorter distances, there are PTZs ranging from 4X to 12X zoom. When choosing the level of optical zoom you have to ask yourself

  • How far do you want to see when fully zoomed in?
  • What type of detail do you want to see at these distances? is it general detail of vehicles or intruders, or is it finer detail like faces or license plates?

To help you make an informed purchasing decision, in each of our camera product descriptions we mention the maximum distance for facial clarity. After actual field testing, we have developed the following table to help understand how far a 1080P HD PTZ Camera can see facial detail with varying degrees of optical zoom

Maximum Distance for Facial Clarity with a 1080P PTZ

Optical ZoomMax Distance
4X40 ft
12X290 ft
25X530 ft
40X896 ft

For further reading, we suggest reading our security camera buying guide to learn the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom.

4. Auto Tracking and Video Analytics

Certain PTZ IP cameras feature intelligent functions like video analytics and auto-tracking. Our PTZ models with Smart Detection provide video analytics to provide intelligent control of when auto-tracking is activated. For example, as shown in the video below, we use a virtual tripwire as the triggering event to start tracking a vehicle that enters a parking lot. For specific types of perimeter security, these two functions can prove useful and eliminate the need for multiple fixed surveillance cameras.

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