Lights on anytime, anywhere.

Always come home to a brightly lit house. Add Smart Lighting around your home and control them from the App. Turn lights on or off while you’re away. Link your lights to select Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, so they shine when motion is detected. And best of all, choose from new solar-powered options for added flexibility.

Brighten up blindspots.

Pathway Lighting

Light every step you take. Pathlights are perfect for driveways, walkways and gardens while Steplights illuminate decks and stairs. Already have landscape lights? Connect compatible lights to our Transformer to control them from the App.

Outdoor Mounted Lighting

Shine a light from up high with mounted lights. Illuminate large areas like the driveway and backyard with Floodlights for security and safety. Or focus on a single area like a porch or shed with Spotlights.

Outdoor Mounted Lighting

Smart LED Lightbulbs

Enjoy the flexibility of energy-efficient smart LED bulbs. Simply screw into compatible lamp sockets for smart control from anywhere.

Pick your power type.

Hardwired lights give you nonstop power around the clock. Battery-operated lights can be placed almost anywhere. And solar lights offer added convenience.

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