TVT Default IP

TVT IP camera default IP address

Default IP address of TVT IP camera is

TVT IP camera Tool

You can download TVT IP camera tool from TVT website. Find here.

How to Connect TVT IP camera to TVT NVR

How to connect TVT IP Camera to NVR? hello, here we are going to discuss how to connect TVT IP Camera with TVT NVR. In order to make a connection between TVT IP camera and NVR, You should know about the little bit of IP network. IP address of the camera must be in the same series with TVT NVR IP address. you can change NVR IP address directly from the screen but to change the IP address of the TVT camera you can use some kind of tools. TVT also provide a tool for modifying the IP address of the camera. Find here. Using this tool you can modify IP address of camera according to your NVR IP address.

These are the steps to connect TVT IP Camera to NVR.

Step 1. Set the IP address of TVT NVR

Before connecting the camera to TVT NVR you should set an IP address of TVT NVR. Suppose NVR IP address is and subnet mask is This IP address should be according to your existing network gateway. Connect NVR to computer.

Set the IP address of TVT NVR
Step 2. Modify the IP address of TVT IP Camera

Now modify the IP address of Camera with the same series of NVR IP address. For example, NVR IP address is then IP camera address should be like 192.168.1.XXX. Use IP tool by TVT Find here . NoteUse different IP address for all TVT IP camera.  Connect all Camera to the NVR via switch or router. Now open setting and go to add camera.

Step 3. Add Cameras to NVR
Add Cameras to TVT NVR

Here, You find all IPs of TVT IP camera. Select cameras according to your need. You can also modify camera IP address from here by click on edit symbol of particular camera. If all ok, select camera by clicking the checkbox and click add button. Now camera will show  in the live preview.

Step 4. Add Camera Manually

You can also add camera manually. Just go to add manually tab and put the IP address of the camera.Do not forget to set other options. I.e username, password, and protocol.

Note: You can use different company cameras with the TVT NVR like Hikvision or Dahua or those IP cameras which support Onvif technology.

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