TVT DVR and NVR Mobile App View Configuration TVT DVR Mobile App SuperLive Plus is a new generation of independent research and development surveillance App based on mobile platform.

This App enhances the interfacial design, function integration and technology optimization compared with the last version. Additionally, it is compatible with new generation of platform NVR.

Install APP

This surveillance APP can be searched and installed through iPhone/iPad and Android smartphones.

The installation steps are as follows.

  • Run “Play Store”(or “APP Store”) program.
  • Search “SuperLivePlus
  • Click “SuperLivePlus” to download thesoftware.
  • Follow directions to install the software.

Setting and Application


Login by scanning the QRCODE

Click to scan the QRCODE of the device through your mobile phone, and then it will automatically obtain serial number and user. After manually inputting nick name and the password, click “Preview”button to go to the live interface.

Note: If the device and the mobile client are in the different network segment, the device shall support QRCODE and enable the NAT.

Login by domain name or IP Address

  • Input IP address/domain name, nick name, user and password.
  • Click “Preview” to go to the live interface.

Domain name/IP Address: WAN IP address (or domain name) plus HTTP port of the device. For example: 210.21.183:89 or

User and Password: The login userand password of the device. The default username is admin and the default password is 123456

Note: To search and add the device in the same network segment, click button.

Live View


Remote Playback

Click icon in the live interface to remotely play the record saved in the HDD(s) of the device.


Please control the playback by using the buttons mentioned above. Then turn you phone and make the remote playback display in landscape mode.


Push Setting

You can push the information of online devices as shown below.


When an alarm event happens, the alarm information will pop up as shown below.


After you enable the device notification function in Push Setting, you can receive the relative information.

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