TVT DVR/NVR Online Connect Mobile

TVT DVR Online : How to connect TVT DVR/NVR over the internet

TVT DVR Online: How to connect TVT DVR/NVR over the internet? TVT DVR/NVR has NAT option for TVT DVR online view over your mobile. Users can access TVT DVR can be remotely accessed via a P2P connection. TVT DVR online setup is very easy. In order to do this, Follow the given steps below.

TVT Mobile software for Android and IOS? Superlive Plus is the mobile application. You can download it for free.

For Android download free 

You may also download it for your PC. To do this read this superlive Plus for PC.

TVT DVR online setup

Step 1. Change network setting

Go to Network Settings. Check “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS automatically” to get the IP address and DNS automatically (the DHCP function of the router in the same LAN should also be enabled)

TVT DVR/NVR Online Connect Mobile

Step 2. Enable NAT option

Click Start->Settings->NetworkNAT to go to the interface for NAT configuration. Check “Enable” and then select the NAT server address ( by default). Click “Apply” to save the settings. You can scan the QRCode through a mobile client which is installed in the mobile phone or PAD to log in the mobile client instantly.

Note: Before enabling NAT option, You should change the DVR/NVR default password in order to secure your system.

Step 3. Setup the mobile application

Click Start->Settings->Network. Network Status to view the network status or click on the toolbar at the bottom of the live preview interface to view network status conveniently.

  1.  Make Sure NAT is enabled in the DVR/NVR.
  2. Now Download and install the mobile client “SuperLive Plus” into the mobile device with the Android or iOS system.
  3.  Run the mobile client, go to the “Add Device” interface and then click to scan the QRCode of the NVR (Go to Start->Settings->System Information->Basic to view the QRCode of the NVR).
  4.  After scanning the QRCode successfully, input the login password to log in the mobile client

TVT DVR online setup

Now you can view TVT DVR online via your mobile. Superlive Plus has so many options to operate your DVR/NVR like zoom, Playback, change picture settings etc. We hope you got some information about How to connect TVT DVR online setup

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