How To Reset The Admin Password Of DVR/NVR  TVT

Here, we are going to learn how to reset the password of DVR. The technique of resetting the password of DVR is different for all companies. There are so many CCTV DVR companies and we are going to discuss some major of them.

Here we will talk about the best PASSWORD generator if you forget your password and have no idea about how to log in to your DVR then I have a resolution for your problem.

Request to retrieve TVT ADMIN credentials

Dear user,
with the following procedure you can request a temporary key that will allow you to access your TVT recording device if you have lost the ADMIN password and have not set the security questions for recovery.

To protect your safety, we must request and verify the identity of the owner of the video surveillance system and possibly of the person appointed by him. The request is made using only the form below, providing the requested data.

We do not accept requests made by private users, if the owner of the video surveillance system is a private user, he must contact his trusted installer or in any case a professional operator in the sector.

[forminator_form id=”17503″]

Device data and installation location

Data of the device whose ADMIN password is requested to be reset and place of installation

[forminator_form id=”17507″]

Attach image and choose the service

  • Attach the photo of the device screen in the dynamic password request form (Password recovery => dynamic password). This screen must remain open pending communication of the unlock code from us . If the form is closed, the dynamic key that we will provide will no longer be valid and the procedure will have to be repeated by attaching the image of the new form.
  • Choose the service for recovery. Free, or Express, with response within 60 minutes (*)

As soon as we have processed the request, we will send you a code to be entered on the same screen of the device whose photo you sent us.

Our staff may request further details for identification in order to complete the procedure.

(*) Express requests will be processed within 60 minutes if the online payment is completed on weekdays from 8:30 to 11:45 and from 14:00 to 17:00. Requests received outside these hours will be processed at the immediately following shift. If the payment is not completed, the express request will be processed as standard. requests Standard are processed according to the availability of the technicians, however we guarantee a maximum execution time of 2 working days in addition to the day of the request.

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I declare that I have read and understood the terms of use of personal data and I agree to their treatment.

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