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The login settings are as follows

  • Make sure the PC and decoder are connected to the LAN.
  • Find the IP-Tool from the CD and then install it on your computer.
  • Run the IP-Tool. Then the decoder can be searched. If the decoder can’t be searched,

please check whether the PC and the device are connected to the network or not. Click the device to check its detail information as shown below.

Name Version Size Download
IP Manager Tool V1.0.7.18 10.20M Download
IP Tool V3.0.2.7 9.16M Download
NVMS List x64 Ver2.1.3.21020.exe 311.49M Download
SuperCam 1.9.6 60M Download
SuperCam Plus_1.9.6_v2898_HMS_apk 1.9.6 59.42M Download
FaceAlbum Manager Tool FaceAlbum Manager Tool 16M Download
N9000-HDDtool-RPAS 6M Download
VideoStorageTool 3.7M Download
SuperCam Plus_1.7.8_v1958_GooglePlay (1)1.7.8 Download
FaceAlbum Manager ToolFaceAlbum Manager Tool16MDownload
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup10.0.30319.14.83 MBDownload
VideoStorageTool 3.7MDownload
SD Player 17MDownload
IP toolV2.0.2.214MDownload
IP manager1.0.6.215MDownload
NVR-NV9000 User Manual-(1.4.5)TVT A0-202103091.4.5 Download
NVR-NV9000 User Manual-(1.4.4 ) TVT A1-202011231.4.4 Download
Network Camera User Manual (V5.0.1)5.0.1 Download
PTZ Camera User Manual5.0 Download
A3-LP IPC Introduction-20200311′20200311 Download
NVR-1.4.2-NV9000 User ManualA7-201910285.57MBDownload
superlive plus user manalSuperLive Plus-1.6.0 20200219800 KBDownload
NVMS-1200 User Manual201801103.06MBDownload
NVMS-5000 user guideV1.3.0 201706147.72MBDownload
NVMS1000 User ManualA3 201808076.99MBDownload
TD-1102D NT decoder user manualA0-2090930381KBDownload
TD-1005D decode user manualA0-20170531323KBDownload
TD-A510 MS-S NVMS2.0 User ManualA2-20190826471KBDownload
3MP E2 IP camera common user guideA1 201612202.17MBDownload
1.3MP E1series IP camera common user guideA0 201709061.57MBDownload
How to get debug cable logs 2.51MBDownload
Force upgrade by debug cable instruction 3MBDownload
Firmware updateguide-tar801KBDownload
Firmware updateguide-flash54KBDownload
N9000 UPGRADE GUIDEflash&tar681KBDownload
Smart vertical induatrial solutions  Download
Product Selection 2021Product Selection 2021 Download
Company Profile2020-TVTCompany Profile Download
Face Recognition System  Download
TVT AI Solution for Gas Station  Download
TVT AI Solution for School  Download

How do I reset the password on my TVT DVR?

In this article we will show an easy trick how to reset the lost password on a TVT DVR.

How do I reset my TVT DVR to factory settings?

The device can be restarted manually by clicking Device Settings>Reboot.

The system can be restored to the default settings by clicking [Reset] in the following interface
(Device Settings>Reset).

What is the default Username and  password of TVT DVR?

The default username is admin.
The default password is 123456

How to Reset TVT IP Camera password?

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