Waterproof CCTV Junction Boxes

Correct installation of security cameras is crucial if you want to enjoy reliable and long-time operation of your entire surveillance system. While most people look for IP67-rated outdoor security cameras that can withstand extreme weather conditions, many forget that camera cable connections also need protection. This is where CCTV junction boxes come in.

Commercial-Grade Junction Boxes

TVT Sri Lanka brings you a selection of commercial-grade waterproof CCTV camera junction boxes to house your camera cable connections and protect them from the elements as well as other threats like potential vandalism, masking, and wire-cutting. Using junction boxes when installing your security cameras not only improves the look of your video surveillance system, but also provides higher reliability of operation and increased flexibility on installation.

Why should you purchase a CCTV cable junction box for your security camera?

Prevents corrosion of wires and electrical shorts that could damage your camera
Protects exposed cables and connectors against vandalism
Simplifies installation as they easily fit your camera mount
Better aesthetics and a professional look on your building
Shop at TVT Sri Lanka
If you’re looking for a quality CCTV junction box to protect your camera cables and prevent vandals from disabling your cameras, order online at TVT Sri Lanka. Our waterproof junction boxes are designed with quality, durability, and reliability in mind, so your security system can enjoy a long, effective life.

Shop quality junction boxes and other security camera accessories like cables and connections, power supplies, lenses, housings, brackets, and surveillance signs here at TVT Sri Lanka. Browse online to find the accessories you need to complete your installation today or contact us to discuss your custom security needs with an expert.

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